Wrap Up

Holos 2012 June 15-17 Wrap up Report
Total Income: $3990 ( from ticket Sales both pre-Event ($20) and Gate Sales($30))
Total Event Cost: $847.02 ( Insurance, printing costs and supplies)
Total Redistribution: $860 ( returned to the community as ticket reimbursements for those that went above and beyond.)
Total Return: $2282.98 (to be rolled over for future Holos and Alaska region events)
Population: 171
End Result: A success!

Holos missed a few years, but we brought it back bigger and better in 2012 for our second Alaska Burning Man regional burn Holos! This year, working more closely with the land owner, we were able to secure a cheaper costs. the money remaining from previous years was used to pay our biennial report fee with the State of Alaska concerning our corporate status.

VENUE: Holos 2012 took place at the same location as the 2009 event. Boot’s Bison Ranch is a private chunk of land used several times a year for various music gatherings.

ATTENDANCE: 171 people attended the event. This was just about the number we were going for. We estimated 150 would be a good number to achieve a small growth from the previous event. This is a good managable number for the amount of infrastructure we had.

MUSIC: All day saturday we had an open mic set up on the main stage. Various things from drumming, solo acts, poetry and book readings all took place during that time. The drumming was quite fitting for the time while the man was assembled. There were a few other camps in each sector of the woods that were playing music out of loud sound systems all weekend long.

SITE CONDITIONS AND MOOP: The pre-mooped property was a problem again this year. Even worse than the previous year, there was a tremendous amount of moop cleanup needed to happen before the event started. There weren’t enough people present during the event setup, so not all the moop was grabbed in time. After the event was over, a major moop cleanup project took place. For the most part, attendees did a very good job of cleaning up their own camp sites. Much of the moop that was cleaned up consisted of moop that was at the property before the event started.

THEME CAMPS: The Pan Galactic Bacon Station cooked bacon and other delicious treats during the day. It was a popular hangout for people needing fed as well as people wanting to cook for others. Just around the corner, Spenard Bar served up kegs of beer and margaritas on saturday. The Northern Light Collective brought an amazing sound system where thousands of watts of EDM pumped all weekend long. Camp Camp Sign offered up the materials needed for people to make signs for their camps. Space Tribe brought a stylish layout and art. The Post Office returned with Holos post cards.

RANGERS and LOCALS: This year a few select individuals offered their services as rangers. Though they didn’t have any official markings, these individuals were briefed and kept radios. No emergencies erupted.

THANKS: In no particular order. Boot, for letting us use his property. Scot, Colin, Steven, Rob, DD, Durieu, Jake, Todd, Melanie And all our greeters who’s names I don’t remember. If you greeted people at the gate, Thankyou! All those involved with the Northern Light Collective, thanks for bringing some awesome sound!

Holos 2009 June 27-28 Wrap up Report
Total income: $1600 ( from ticket Sales both pre-Event ($20) and Gate Sales($30))
Total Event Cost: $1233.22 ( Insurance, printing costs and supplies)
Total Return: $366.78 (to be rolled over for future Holos and Alaska region events)
Population: 88
End Result: A success!

Planning our first Alaskan BurningMan event was a challenge. There are very few burners per square mile of land in Alaska. We are flung from all corners of the state, some accessible by road, some only by plane or boat. Our physical location made it a unique challenge for our region to host an event with any hope of success. Holos first came to us from a Fairbanks burner (Yeshua) with some fits and starts and eventual collapse of the event in 2007 we brought it to the table in January of 2009 with a small and determined crew of people. We contacted the Land owner we had spoken with the year before and set a date. We created a website and started spreading the word about a regional burn. Quickly we learned that we would need insurance to host the event on the property designated and it was an easy decision to make it a sanctioned BurningMan event. After some discussion with Steven Raspa, and the insurance vendor we signed on and didn’t look back (although there were moments of sheer panic and terrifying visions of failure). Melanie -the regional rep for Alaska- met with Steven during the International Beard and Mustache Competition held in Anchorage at the end of May and the road became easier to navigate toward our dream of a Burn in Alaska. June whooshed by and at the end we held a successful event that everyone enjoyed.

Holos took place on private piece of Property owned by a burner who generously donated his land to support our local community. The property is used several times a year for music venues with upwards of 1000 people and was ideal to accommodate this year’s event. With structures permanent for music if needed and established outhouse facilities, roads, central gathering area and fire pits in convenient central locations as well as back woods campsites both accessible by foot and by truck.

88 homo sapiens and 6 dogs. Just a few presale tickets, most were purchased at the gate – allowing those who contacted me before the event the pre-sale price at the gate. Locals who lived in neighboring properties and wanted a “look-see” were given free admittance, if locals wanted to stay longer, they paid the pre-event price.

A theme Camp called FrostByte hosted our music. Music was set up and began so the first to attend Holos were greeted with GOA music. A note from Jack on his experience: “Our camp setup and execution went smoothly. The only things that didn’t happen according to plan were motivation from the people involved in the camp (the ones that didn’t show up). Half of my helpers didn’t show up, but that’s ok because the berzerkers showed up and saved the day somewhat. Then Dan had to leave early and took his CDJ’s with him so half of the theme of my theme camp was destroyed (goa party). It was still an awesome success however. And as far as my personal perspective on how the event went as a whole. It was definitely a success though some things could have been better and will be better next year. ”

Initially thrilled at the thought of having an established music venue for our Holos site I soon learned that what I had and what I wanted were different things. As an established piece of property there was already existing permanent structures – while good for keeping cost down for potty rentals the stage was completely unused and the outhouses were not exactly accessible for mobility challenged burners. MOOP was present before the event and although we cleaned it better than we found it – it was NOT my definition of a Leave – no – trace event. An issue we will discuss as a region for future events. Access to the site was easy, parking was in the right – of – way for the road and some were allowed to park on the site and back in the camping areas.

FrostByte – as mentioned above in the Music Section
Ranch Mosquito – handing out your bug repellent needs and supplying you with a shot of margarita from a bug sprayer.
Barbie Death Camp and wine bistro – the lone Alaskan from this Playa camp with bunny ears and a Barbie … he entertained many at his back woods camp.
Post Office – our little offshoot from BRC CenterCamp Post office – we sent a stack of Official Holos postcards out from Trapper Creek Monday after the event. Hoping next year to have a Holos cancellation stamp.
A few other impromptu camps popped up – all hosting and gifting with the community. Pancakes and fruit on Sunday Morning, Wine and conversation, fire spinners…

We had a few pieces of art. All was interactive. White masks suspended and spinning with led lights were painted much to the pleasant surprise of the artist. Ice from the famous Fairbanks Ice Classic was carved into a flame and anyone who wanted to groove on it with chisels was welcome. An Effigy was collaboratively put together by the community and burned at Midnight on Saturday Night. We had 3 fire spinners who put on a great show and drumming by the main fire pit till the wee hours (the flaming ice was eventually put into the fire ) The post office had an art board and paint and markers for people to be creative with.

We had a consistent staff at the entry gate, even for exodus we greeted and made sure everyone was safe to drive and wished them safe travels with a small gift – a sticker of the Alaska Burners Logo.

No one officially a Ranger, but one stepped up because he dressed like a ranger (khaki hat and cargo pants) – everyone was respectful and no problems with any burners (except the one who stole Melanie’s tent – which was later returned) everyone was respectful of the property lines and other than one sourpuss neighbor the locals welcomed us.

Permits for the event were researched (none were required) and the local law enforcement and medical volunteers were notified of our event in the case of emergency – we had NO emergencies (hooray!)

Always a challenge in June in Alaska, we can have dry spells that make even a small campfire out of the question – we had rain the week before the event and the fire danger was minimal.

Taber Price – our insurance guy. He went above and beyond the call of duty for us. He got us a great price for Insurance and when we had a big glitch – he moved the moon and aligned the stars – thank you Taber, we will do business with you again soon.
Chris , Jack, Scott, Rob, Mike and Barb, Boot, Mike, Sandee, J.R., Steven and Doran, Nick and Kirsten, Tom and Carol, Andrew, Rodger, Dirty, Ben and Sean – you helped in the pre- event, during the event and after the event – you are my rockstars, thank you, thank you, thank you. Holos would not have existed without all your hard work.

We plan to have a meeting to discuss a date for 2010 Holos in January we will discuss the date, location, and theme. Everyone will be invited for a Brainstorm and Town Hall. I have notes from this year about what worked, what did not, and how we can make it better. This year was a big shot in the dark that ended up working against all odds. 90% of those I spoke with on the way out of the event asked if we were going to do it again next year – what could I say?

Holos 2010 will be bigger and better, we better be ready for it!