Need to Know

Tickets for this event are $20 if you buy early or $30 at the gate.

If you are under 18 years old then you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to attend this event.

The Burning Man principles may speak against commercialization, but our event exists inside a world that runs on the market. Therefore we unfortunately must run a price for the tickets. Presale tickets are available at Planet X. Two locations with one in Spenard and another in Muldoon.

Directions to Holos:
Trip takes about 2.5 hours from Anchorage Airport. Go North out of Anchorage, through Wasilla, and to mile 114.5 on the Parks Highway. Turn Right onto Suisitna River Road (to the left is Petersville Road-there are clear signs for that) at 1.7 miles in you will turn right onto Bradley Road and follow the road to the end – it will dead end at Boots Bison Ranch and the Holos event. Some landmarks are: at 4.2 miles in from Parks Highway there is a curve to the right and a big clearing, At mile 5 in from Parks Hwy the is a one lane bridge – after that you go up the hill and curve a little to the right and then to the left we will be straight ahead to the left after the barn and the big field, you can’t miss it.

Radical Self Reliance
Radical self reliance is one of the Burning Man principles. This means that you are responsible for your own survival in whatever environment the festival takes place in. Alaskan wilderness may not be as rough as the Black Rock Desert, but there still are some things to consider when planning to spend the night under Alaska’s stars.

Self reliance means that you should only depend on yourself for lasting the period of time given. Please make sure to bring the necessities of day to day life. This means bring your own food, water, and shelter. Although we plan on having a small first aid booth please think of bringing your own first aid kit just in case of small cuts and scrapes.

Alaska is known for our insane mosquitoes that stop at nothing to get a taste of your blood. For this reason we think it’s necessary that you bring bug repellent in order to make your stay as comfortable as possible. This event is happening in the deep woods of Alaska and is near a water source, so the mosquitoes will be there at the event in full force!

Bears are also a threat in the Alaskan bush. Although they tend to stay away from large groups of people we will also have large amounts of food around which may lure them into our area. Take precautions and keep your food sealed whenever possible. Your local outdoors store will sell bear spray and bells in case you plan on venturing further into the woods away from the central area of people.